cancer and blood disorders

Cancer Care Associates, Oklahoma's leading provider of services to patients with cancer and blood disorders, draws on a rich history of service to many Oklahoma communities. Founded in 1972 in Tulsa, it has evolved over the ensueing 27 years into one of the nation's largest and most highly qualified subspeciality practices. Thirty medical, radiation and gynecologic oncologists , practicing in 13 principal locations, with regular outreach activities to a number of smaller Oklahoma communities, provide the complete spectrum of oncologic and hematologic clinical services virtually throughout the entire state. Our doctors' strengths evolve not only from the excellence of their training at many of the nation's leading universities and medical centers, but also from CCA's structure, which provides the business and organizational support which frees physicians to do what they do best -- practice medicine. A closely integrated physician network like CCA with ties to more than 200 oncologists nation-wide through American Oncology Resources gives our doctors a critical edge in consultative backup, information access and the narrowly focused services of experts in fields such as bone marrow transplantation, blood coagulation and less commonly encountered areas in general oncology and hematology. Strength in numbers and experience is augmented by 20 years of involvement with clinical cancer research under the auspices of the National Cancer Institute and some of the world's leading pharmaceutical and biotechnical organizations.

Our outstanding medical staff is backed by the state's largest and most highly qualified cadre of oncology nurses, who not only administer chemotherapy and other specialized therapies, but who support patients and their families in myriad ways, from nutritional guidance and pain management to side effect control and psychological support. CCA values its nursing staff not only as physician assistors, but as independent nursing practitioners, whose special skills and viewpoints add to the medical treatments and improve not only outcomes, but patient and family comfort.

CCA facilities are designed with the patient and family in mind, and offer local convenience, easy access and a range of services including diagnostic testing and chemotherapy administration at most sites. This concept frees patients and their families from the need to visit multiple facilities (doctor's office, clinical laboratory, hospital x-ray department) to get the services they need, and results in less time spent and less absenteeism from home, school and place of employment. Construction of three, additional free-standing facilities will be completed in 1998 and will be equipped to provide radiation therapy as well.

There is a difference in oncology providers! CCA provides highly competent and experienced oncologists and oncology nurses in a patient-friendly environment. CCA also provides one of the most comprehensive programs of relevant, promising clinical research with new treatments for many tumor types in the community setting available anywhere.