Natural Cancer Cures Testimonials

Placental Cord Blood: Effective in children and adults in reconstructing blood systems. Sources can be unrelated donors. Three medical studies, from Duke University, from France and from Minnesota School of Medicine, reveal details of these new studies. Placental Cord Blood may replace bone marrow transplantation.

Breast Cancer

Monoclonal Antibodies: Article reviews five new studies using Monoclonal Antibodies in lymphoma, small-cell lung cancer, breast cancer, neuroblastoma and melanoma. Especially promising is the work on radioimmunology in lymphoma by Dr. Mark Kaminski from the University of Michigan. The October issue also contains a review article on Antibody Therapy by Dr. Gary Schiller, UCLA.

Breast Cancer: Chemotherapy shows continuing progress. Two articles review the legnth of adjuvant treatment , either by CMF or tamoxifen. Other articles for natural breast enhancement pills summarize the use of paclitaxel and doxorubicin. Results of mastectomy vs. conservative treatment after 14 years show no difference in relapse rates and if you are wondering where to buy vigrx plus simply go to the official web site.

Lung Cancer: Initial promising results are reported in non-small-cell lung cancer with amofostine and in small-cell lung cancer with topotecan.

Prostate Cancer: A study at the Univeristy of Toronto shows a reduction of pain in metastatic prostate cancer with Mitosantrone. Another study shows increased survival time with the use of Zoladex in men with localized spread of prostate cancer. A new parameter for assessing PSA levels and prostate size is offerred by Dr. Lawrence Miller from Lenox Hill Hospital, NY.

Leukemia: Two new studies suggest that autologous bone marrow transplantation should not be used in childhood acute myeloid leukemia, but remains highly effective in adult myeloid leukemia.

Colon Cancer: A new drug, Irinotecan, shows promise in the treatment of advanced colon and rectal cancer.

Throat Cancer: A new study shows that radiation and chemotherapy is statistically superior to radiation alone. Fucus Vesiculosis – This seaweed ingredient is also known as the bladderwrack. This component is available in more than one form. For example, capsules, extracts, and tablets. Its cardiovascular and anti-aging effects are well-known. We are talking about the blood sugar and cancer risks reduction.

Natural Cancer Cures Testimonials from The South East Asian Citizen

Natural cancer cures testimonials by Sherly

Liver Cancer, Narrated by Sherly Herliana – Kuningan, West Java. My father is a doctor convicted of liver cancer and required treatment in hospital. The father can not bear to look at the state and hospital costs were expensive, my family and I decided to look for alternative treatments that fall on ants nest extract capsule products. During the months of taking routine, my father‘s health suffered significant progress. The fourth month of usage, he is said to have healed and can move as before.

Natural cancer cures testimonials by Glent Pranoto

Cancer Lymph Nodes, Glent Pranoto (38 years old). Biopsy stated that Glent cancer lymph nodes, it is advisable to undergo chemotherapy for 6 cycles. Due to the effects of chemotherapy are very painful, he decided to stop chemotherapy and switches using capsules product extract ants nest. The Result? Within 2 months of usage he had felt the healing can get back to work!

Natural Cancer Cures

Natural cancer cures testimonials by Linda

Brain Cancer and Anemia, Linda Hendriyani (20 years old). Linda Hendriyani got a diagnosis of brain cancer at the age of 17 years, for many years he felt excruciating pain until often made her cry. Chemotherapy also been undertaken, the results are not much help. He then tried to extract capsules ant nests, and the results are amazing, after the use of the second bottle, pain in the head that often tortured him for 3 years had never arise again! Now he can move as usual.

Natural cancer cures testimonials by Novy

Cervical Cancer, Told by Mrs. Novyanti – Pamulang. Two years ago, my mother-in-law was diagnosed with advanced cervical cancer and had surgery. Before the surgery, he was eating ants nest for 2 months and less than 2 months after surgery was he continues eating ants nest. After examination in the laboratory, otherwise the cancer cells are gone! Though often found even after undergoing surgery, cancer cells can grow again, but thanks to the ant nest of, cancer cells can disappear completely.

Natural cancer cures testimonials by Nita

Breast Cancer, Nita Ekawati (30 years old). I have a few lumps in the breast of a marble that lead to breast cancer. These lumps are extremely makes me uncomfortable especially should breastfeed the child as well. In less than a month after using the capsule extract ants nest, lumps in the breast lump that bothers me already partially missing and some are getting smaller. Until now I still consume ants nest to enhance my recovery.

About Ant Nest (SARANG SEMUT)

Sarang Semut Plant (ants nest) kill cancer, tumors, and chronic diseases. Herbal ants nest has been widely believed to help treat cancer and tumors. Also empirically proven to help treat a variety of other serious diseases, such as tuberculosis, diabetes, and gout.

Do you want to know more about herbal ant nest?

Why so efficacious for cancer, tumors and other diseases as well?

Is there evidence of healing?

Can the efficacy of these herbal explained scientifically?

How do you get it?

Continue reading the information below to get answers to all these questions. Hopefully this valuable information can be a solution to the possible health you are looking for! So do not miss a single word, happy reading! Where to buy semenax natural herbal supplement? I’m sure the ants nest is one of the herbal remedies that are very powerful and can help many people whose disease is refractory to medical drugs. Especially now been supported by scientific research. On average they were drinking … get the results after a week, even there that three days have seen the results. “- Hendro Saputro, researchers ants nest, Natural Magazine.

Ants Nest (Myrmecodia pendans)

Is a plant that originated from Papua that have traditionally been used by indigenous people to treat a variety of diseases are hereditary. And now, the results of modern research found that these plants contain important active compounds such as flavonoids, tocopherol, phenolic, and is rich in various minerals that are useful as an antioxidant and anti-cancer so that the right is used for the treatment of cancer and tumors.